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Jan Kiepura (born on 16 May 1902 in Sosnowiec, die on 15 August 1966 in Harrison New York) - acclaimed Polish tenor singer and actor. Husband of Martha Eggerth – Hungerian opera singer. Jan Kiepura was an artist of international fame and popularity among opera singers of interwar time, achieving considerable successes on stages of famous theatres as well as concert halls and movies.

He made his debut in Sosnowiec in 1923 and a year later he performed on the stage of Warsaw Opera singing the part of the mountaineer in “Halka”. In 1929 he gave his first performance in La Scala in Italy and in 1938 in Metropolitan Opera in New York. He performed on the best opera stages in the world – in Vienna, Milano, Berlin, Munich, Paris, Buenos Aires, Brussels, Budapest, Prague, Brno, Havana, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and his beloved Poland. Together with his wife Martha Eggerth from Hungary he performed in “Merry Widow” musical on Broadway, which made them famous all over the world. That screen heart-throb of beautiful smile and extraordinary charm appeared in 39 films, among others “My Song For You” , “Bohemian Charm”, “Valse Brilliante” , “Czardas Princess”.

Jan Kiepura loved Krynica and in that town he build his villa “Patria” which means homeland. In that way he wanted to express his attachment to his home country which he always missed so much. In 2004 on the initiative of Krynica Cultural Association a monument showing Jan Kiepura singing was unveiled.

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